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pharmacy assistant salary in canada

Pharmacy Assistant Salaries in Canada

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Well, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll discuss pharmacy assistant salaries across Canada and provide you with the latest information (2022) on starting salaries, average salaries, and benefits for this occupation.

So, if you’re looking for insights into how much pharmacy assistants in your city or province make, read on!!

You will also find valuable information that will provide you with an understanding of how various factors such as location, occupation, and employment outlook can affect pharmacy assistant salaries.

Pharmacy Assistant Salary By Region and Experience

According to the information from the Government of Canada’s salary report (data updated on November 17, 2021), the hourly wage for pharmacy assistants or “drugstore dispensing assistants” ranges from $13.00 to $27.00. The median hourly wage in Canada is $20.50.

Community / RegionLow ( $/ hour ) Median ($ /hour ) High ( $ /hour )
British Columbia15.6522.2526.00
New Brunswick14.5020.7127.77
Nova Scotia13.6021.7026.00
Prince Edward Island13.7022.0025.65
Northwest TerritoriesN/AN/AN/A

The main source of this data is from the Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey. The low wage means that 10% of the pharmacy assistants in Canada earn $13.00 / hour or less. The high wage means that 90% of the pharmacy assistants in Canada earn $27.00 / hour or less. The median hourly wage of $20.50 / hour will be the most accurate representation of what the typical pharmacy assistant wage would be since this value is less sensitive to assistant salary

If you want to determine the annual salary of a pharmacy assistant by using the hourly wage data, please note a significant number of employers consider 32 hours a week as full time employment. Rather than assuming a full time working week of 40 hours, it is helpful to calculate an expected estimated salary range.

We have done this calculation for you using the median wage in the table below.

ProvinceAnnual Salary (in $) based on 32 hour work weekAnnual Salary (in $) based on 40 hour work week
British Columbia37,02446,280
New Brunswick34,46143,076
Nova Scotia34,46145,136
Prince Edward Island36,60845,760
Northwest TerritoriesN/AN/A
Median salary range for a pharmacy assistant in Canada based on a 32 and 40 hour work week


Pharmacy Assistant Salary by Company

We have compiled data from various sources in order to provide you with an overview of starting pharmacy assistant salaries across various companies. By compiling this information, we hope to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of starting pharmacy assistant salaries. Our data will be updated regularly, we want this to be the largest and most accessible database of pharmacy assistant salaries in Canada.

You can sort the data by clicking on the menu bar. If you click on the employer or city, it will arrange in ascending or descending alphabetical order. If you click on the wages, it will arrange them in ascending or descending numerical order. By selecting the arrow next to “show,” you can select “ALL” to view all the entries at once. You can also filter the data by using the search bar at the top.

Pharmacy Assistant Salary by Company in British Columbia

The table below shows the starting pharmacy assistant wages from the job postings for many of the cities located in British Columbia. Note that these are only starting salaries, and may not be accurate depending on the specific region or city. However, they provide a general idea of how much pharmacy assistants can expect to earn upon becoming employed.

DateCityEmployerStarting Pharmacy Assistant Salary Hourly Range (Low) Starting Pharmacy Assistant Salary Hourly Range (High)
2022-OctVancouverGranville Pharmacy$18$22
2022-OctVancouverOmnicare Pharmacy$20$22
2022-OctVancouverCoal Harbour Compounding Pharmacy$19$25
2022-OctVancouverShoppers Drug Mart #232$17.30$25
2022-OctRichmondShoppers Drug Mart #2237$17$24
2022-OctVancouverMedicine Shoppe Pharmacy$17
2022-OctSaanichtonJoe's Family Pharmacy$21
2022-OctCoquitlamLifecare Compounding Pharmacy$16$20
2022-OctVictoriaHillside Pharmasave$17$22
2022-OctVancouverPure Integrative Pharmacy$20$24
2022-OctCoquitlamFelix Pharmacy$18.75$21.63
2022-OctPort CoquitlamCreate Compounding Pharmacy$19
2022-OctVictoriaElements Compounding Pharmacy$17
2022-OctVictoriaCridge Family Pharmacy$18
2022-OctBC WideRPI Consulting Group$20
2022-OctBurnabyEdmonds Pharmacy$18$20
2022-OctSurreyAll Cure Pharmacy$19$21
2022-OctAbbotsfordMcCallum Pharmacy$16$20
2022-OctLangleyRX Pharmachoice Pharmacy$18$27
2022-OctVictoriaCool Aid Community Health Centre #677$23.05$24.92
2022-OctLangleyPharmasave #12$19$22
2022-OctBurnabyWeldon Pharmacy$16$25.18
2022-OctBurnabyTotal Care RX$22.40
2022-OctRichmondCRC Health Center$17$23
2022-OctAbbotsfordPharmasave Gladwin$16$19
2022-OctAgassizAgassiz Pharmacy$17
2022-OctVancouverPharmasave Fraser and 49th$15.70$19
2022-OctBurnabyHigh Gate Pharmacy$18$20
2022-OctBurnabyGuard Burnaby Square Pharmacy$18$22
2022-OctLadysmithLadysmith Pharmasave$17$20
2022-OctVancouverMarks Marine Pharmacy$20
2022-OctCroftonCrofton Pharmacy$16$21
2022-OctBurnabyCare First Pharmacy$18$20
2022-OctAldergroveAldergrove Pharmachoice$17
2022-OctRichmondSimples Drugs$15.65$25
2022-OctQualicum BeachPharmasave Qualicum$16.50$18
2022-OctVancouverOwl Drugs$16
2022-OctVictoriaQuadra Village Pharmacy$15.65$33.25
2022-OctAbbotsfordPharmacity Drugstore #2$18$20
2022-OctVancouverRX Urban Remedies$19$22
2022-OctVictoriaFort Royal Pharmacy$15.80$18
2022-OctVictoriaPharmachoice Langford Pharmacy$18$23
2022-OctMaple RidgeLoblaw Pharmacy 4980$17
2022-OctChilliwackChilliwack Pharmacy$17$20
2022-OctNanaimoCentral Drugs$16.50$20
2022-OctMaple RidgeShoppers Drug Mart #2134$16.50$28.54
2022-OctBurnabyPure Integrative Pharmacy Lab$19$22
2022-OctNanaimoMedicine Shoppe$16$20
2022-OctBrentwood BayPharmasave 162$17$25
2022-OctSurreyFraser Health$25.78
2022-OctVancouverFraser Health$25.78
This table shows the current (2022) starting wages based on the job postings for the various cities in British Columbia

Pharmacy Assistant Salary by Company in Ontario

The table below provides information on the starting pharmacy assistant salaries that are available in various locations in Ontario. These are real wages compiled from various job posting websites.

DateCityEmployerStarting Pharmacy Assistant Salary Hourly Range (Low) Starting Pharmacy Assistant Salary Hourly Range (High)
2022-OctBradford West GwillimburyBradford Health Care Pharmacy$17$20
2022-OctManitowaningManitoulin Guardian Pharmacy Group$19$23
2022-OctBramptonLacoste Pharmasave$17$20
2022-OctConcordFelix Pharmacy$20
2022-OctOakvilleWhole Health Pharmacy$16$23
2022-OctMount ForestWalsh's Pharmacy$16$23
2022-OctAylmerHills Pharmacy$17$21
2022-OctBathBath Pharmasave$15.50
2022-OctVaughanFelix Pharmacy$19.23$21.63
2022-OctVaughanVellore Pharmacy$20$30
2022-OctNorth YorkPharmasave Finch Medical Pharmacy$22
2022-OctHamiltonMain Medical Pharmacy$16$20
2022-OctMiltonJames Snow Medical$17$19
2022-OctCobourgYork Super IDA Pharmacy$16$19
2022-OctCasselmanPharmacie Jean Coutu Pharmacy #224$18.45
2022-OctMerrickvilleMerrickville Drug Mart$19.23$23.56
2022-OctMattawaMattawa Pharmacy$15.50$17
2022-OctBramptonIDA Pharmacy$16$18
2022-OctBoltonBolton Health Pharmacy$19.23$28.85
2022-OctEtobicokeLakeshore West Pharmacy$16$17
2022-OctHamiltonJohn Drug Mart IDA Pharmacy$16
2022-OctWinghamWingham Pharmasave$18
2022-OctBrantfordGrey Gretzky Pharmacy$15$20.81
2022-OctEtobicokeLiberty Senior Care Pharmacy$18$22
2022-OctVaughanYork Major Pharmacy$15.50$17.50
2022-OctBramptonDukh Bhanjan Pharmacy$15$20
2022-OctRussellDowntown Pharmacy$22
2022-OctBramptonIDA Pharmacy$19.50$20
2022-OctPort HopeCommunity Care Pharmacy$18.30$29.78
2022-OctVaughanVilla Royale Pharmacy$15$20
2022-OctOntario WideRPI Consulting Group$18
2022-OctEtobicokeSRx Pharmacy$17$22
2022-OctOttawaQueens Pharmacy$18
2022-OctMiltonMedical Clinic Milton$16$19
2022-OctNorth YorkRx Pharmachoice Pharmacy$16$20
2022-OctMiltonPharmasave Milton$18$23
2022-OctOttawaShoppers Drug Mart$18.75$23.56
2022-OctVaughanLangstaff Pharmacy$16$20
2022-OctBurlingtonGoldencare Pharmacy$16$18
2022-OctTorontoJane Park Plaza Pharmacy$18
2022-OctOshawaOshawa Pharmacy$19$25
2022-OctNew HamburgCook's Pharmacy$16$18
2022-OctLondonCostco Pharmacy London South$18$26
2022-OctWoodstockPharmasave Woodstock$15
2022-OctTorontoDavisville Pharmacy$18$20
2022-OctEtobicokeOne Eva Pharmacy$17$18
2022-OctBrantfordBrantford Lifecare Pharmacy$16$19
2022-OctFort ErieFort Erie Pharmacy$20$22
2022-OctTorontoMetro Drugs$20$25
2022-OctGuelphGuelph Community Pharmacy$17$20
2022-OctScarboroughTotal Care Drug Mart$15$17
2022-OctAuroraSummit Veterinary Pharmacy$18.55
2022-OctKitchenerBeechwood Forest Pharmacy$17$22
2022-OctBrmaptonWhole Health Pharmacy Cooksviille$20$25
2022-OctKanataKanata Pharmasave$20$23
2022-OctMississauga Lake West Pharmacy$18$22
2022-OctAjaxPickering Villager Pharmacy$15$23
2022-OctKitchenerShaker's Pharmacy$16$19
2022-OctWhitbyBrooklin IDA Pharmacy$16$17
2022-OctLondon The Health Depot Pharmacy$18$22
2022-OctHamiltonSamys Mountain Pharmacy$18$21
2022-OctOttawaWatson's Pharmacy and Compounding$16$18
2022-OctLondonFMC Pharmacy$16
2022-OctLucanLucan Drug Mart$15.50$17
2022-OctLondonWharncliffe Pharmacy$16.50$17
2022-OctSimcoePharmasave Simcoe$14$20
2022-OctBurlingtonShoppers Drug Mart $18$23.22
2022-OctBramptonBrampton Medical Center Pharmacy$17$23
2022-OctTorontoHenley Gardens Pharmacy$15.50$18
2022-OctHamiltonWestend Pharmacy$27$28
2022-OctScarborouighGreystone Pharmacy$17$20
2022-OctOshawaTaunton Pharmacy$15$20
2022-OctVaughanHealthShield Pharmacy$17
2022-OctOttawaBell Pharmacy$20$26
2022-OctMindenMinden Pharmasave$15-
2022-OctBramptonWellness Point Pharmacy$17
2022-OctOttawaWhite Cross Pharmacy$18.75$23
2022-OctTecumsehTecumseh Pharmasave$16
2022-OctNorth YorkMedical Pharmacy$16
2022-OctOrleansCentrum Medical Pharmacy$22$23
2022-OctPortlandPortland Pharmasave$15.50$20
2022-OctKitchenerSt George Medical Center$16$18
2022-OctCollingwoodStuart Ellis Pharmacy$17
2022-OctThunder BayOak Medical Arts$18
2022-OctOttawaFirst Care Pharmacy$15$23.94
2022-OctPeterboroughWestmount Pharmacy$16.50$21
2022-OctNepeanBarrhaven Medical Pharmacy$15$18
2022-OctThunder BayLucero$20
2022-OctFenelon FallsFenelon Falls Community Pharmacy$16$9
2022-OctTorontoYonge Health Pharmacy$14.42$19.23
2022-OctAuroraAurora Pharmacy$17
2022-OctVaughanPrimacare Pharmacy$19$25
2022-OctCarleton PlaceSeaway Valley Pharmacy$16$18
2022-OctKingstonAresh Corporation Pharmacy$16
2022-OctBellevilleQuinte IDA Pharmacy$16$19
2022-OctWindsor Valor Health Pharmacy$16$21
2022-OctPeterboroughBurnham Pharmacy$16$18
2022-OctLondonShree Healthcare$15$17
2022-OctSuniahWhite Cedar Pharmacy$17
2022-OctPlympton-WyomingPaul Marley Pharmacy$15$20
2022-OctTorontoSpadina's Neighbourhood Pharmacy$15$21.44
2022-OctOttawaRestore Medical Pharmacy$15$20
2022-OctOakvilleOakville Town Center Pharmacy$17.50$18
2022-OctScarboroughNational Pharmacy$16$20
2022-OctRichmond HilllNeighbourhood Pharmasave$16$17
2022-OctSault Ste. MariePharmaright Pharmacy$16$20
2022-OctSt. CatharinesNiagara Health Center Pharmacy$18
2022-OctUnionvillePharmasave Healthpoint Pharmacy$15$19
2022-OctCambridgeHespeler Pharmacy$17$22
2022-OctNiagara-on-the-LakeSimpson's Pharmacies$16$22.35
2022-OctNorth BayRobinson's Pharmasave$16$20
2022-OctThornhillRoyal Compounding Pharmacy$15
2022-OctHanmerValley Plaza Pharmacy$14.60$15.50
2022-OctChatham-KentChatham Family Pharmacy$16
2022-OctTorontoBalmoral Chemmits$15.50
2022-OctTorontoBloor Dundas Pharmacy$15.50
2022-OctTorontoIDA Pharmacy by the Grange$15$18
2022-OctHamiltonMidtown Medical Pharmacy$16$19
2022-OctMindenHighland Remedy's RX Pharmacy$15$20
2022-OctRichmond HillPureHealth Pharmacy $17$24
2022-OctMississaugaLisgar Woods Pharmacy$20
2022-OctElora Pharmasave Elora Apothecary & Trailside Pharmacy$20
2022-OctThornhillMurphy Healthcare$18$20
2022-OctScarboroughPharmore Pharmacy$18$24.81
2022-OctMississaugaSQ1 Health Group$16$25
2022-OctWoodbridgeCostco Vaughan 1261$17$21
2022-OctParisParis Pharmacy$16$17
2022-OctLivelyWalden Family Drugst ore$18$22
2022-OctFenelon FallsFenelon Falls Community Pharmacy$16$19
2022-OctWhitbyPanacea Pharmaceuticals$17$20
2022-OctNorth GowerNorth Gower Pharmacy$17.50$23
2022-OctVanierVanier Pharmacy$16$20
2022-OctOshawaCourtice Pharmasave$18.75$20.67
2022-OctPeterboroughThe Clinic Pharmasave $15.50$16
2022-OctAstorvilleEast Ferris Pharmasave$16
2022-OctScarboroughjSeamless Care Pharmacy$15.50
2022-OctMississaugaErin Center Pharmacy$16.50$20
2022-OctNiagara FallsLiveWell Pharmacy$20$24
2022-OctKenoraLake of the Woods District Hospital$22.86$24.09
2022-OctMississaugaExcellent Care Pharmacy$16
2022-OctCambridgeShoppers Drug Mart$15.65$20
2022-OctLondonProudfood Pharmacy$18
2022-OctBurlingtonMorellis Family of Pharmacies$16$18
2022-OctTorontoDavisville Pharmacy$18$20
2022-OctTorontoCommunity Choice Pharmacy - Blackcreek$22
2022-OctHolland LandingHealthshield Pharmacy in Holland Landing$17
2022-OctBramptonBramNorth Pharmasave$15$20
2022-OctBrmaptonStorybrook Pharmacy$15$20
2022-OctMarkhamCostco #151$15$22
2022-OctOshawa Intrepid Pharmacy$16
2022-OctNewmarketTotal Health Pharmacy & Home Health Care Center$15$19
2022-OctGuelphGordon Pharmasave$20
2022-OctIroquois FallsRX Drugmart$15.25
2022-OctSarniaBMC Pharmacy$16.50$20
2022-OctNorth BayMarshall Park Pharmasave$18
2022-OctTorontoHarbourfront Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy$16
2022-OctGeorginaSutton Apothecary$18.75$25.96
2022-OctWaterlooWestmount Place Pharmasave $17$20
2022-OctTorontoWarden Woods Pharmacy$16$21
2022-OctOakvilleOak Lake Pharmacy$15$23
2022-OctTorontoGreenwood Pharmacy$15.97$21
This table shows the starting pharmacy assistant wages from cities all across Ontario

Factors that Affect Pharmacy Assistant Salaries

Several factors affect pharmacy assistant salaries in Canada, so let’s explore them together. These factors are location, experience, the company and type of pharmacy. We will be discussing how to maximize your wage as a pharmacy assistant.

Location of Pharmacy

First, let’s look at how location affects pharmacy assistant salaries. Salaries vary by province and city in Canada. Manitoba, Ontario, and British Columbia have the highest salaries. Cities or regions with higher living costs generally have the highest pharmacy assistant salaries.

Manitoba: $44,947

Ontario: $41,762

British Columbia: $41,000

Quebec: $39,430

Alberta: $39,005

Saskatchewan: $38,077

Prince Edward Island: $37,852

Newfoundland and Labrador: $37,782

Nova Scotia: $37,221

New Brunswick: $37,138

In the data set, pharmacy assistants may command a higher wage in more rural and remote communities where they may be a lack of worker availability. In the Wood Buffalo – Cold Lake Region of Alberta, pharmacy assistants can earn as much as $49.00 an hour.

Experience as a Pharmacy Assistant

If you guessed more experience equals more pay, you’d be right! From entry-level to senior level, the range for pharmacy assistants is as low as $31,000 to $50,000. Most job ads usually list a salary range, and this is done to allow applicants flexibility in choosing the appropriate salary. Don’t be afraid to ask for more if you feel that you are worth it! Having experience working as a pharmacy assistant or having a pharmacy assistant certification from a local college gives you the credibility to ask for a higher wage.

The average yearly wage increase is around 1% and it is not usually matched to inflation. Government positions may provide a higher annual wage increase compared to private sector jobs. Further education, training, and changing to a higher-level role would be necessary to boost your income in the pharmaceutical world.

Compounding Pharmacy Assistant Experience

Pharmacy assistants who are skilled in compounding experience are highly sought after by employers. Many patients require specialized dosage recommendations that aren’t always available through commercially available products. Compounded medications can be tailored to address specific symptoms or conditions, which can result in improved effectiveness and fewer side effects. Compounding provides pharmacies with increased revenue opportunities, and they are happy to pay workers accordingly.

Type of Pharmacy

Another impact on your salary as a pharmacy assistant is the type of pharmacy. Are you working in a retail pharmacy, a specialty pharmacy, or a hospital? Well, your salary will depend on your answer. pharmacy assistant salary hospital

As you surf job boards, you may notice that hospital pharmacies tend to pay more, making them a desirable target. However, they may be a more difficult place to get hired since they have fewer job openings. Don’t let that stop you from applying, though!

Specialty pharmacies are another route to higher pay. They may require more experience from job candidates, but the income is worth the wait.

The top three highest paying companies in Canada are Markham Stouffville Hospital, IWK Health Centre, and Nova Scotia Health Authority Company. Notably, retail pharmacies rank as some of the lowest paying. However, as an entry-level candidate, starting at a retail pharmacy may be the most accessible option.

Hourly vs. Total

When exploring salaries, many job-seekers don’t look past the hourly wage. However, in the pharmaceutical industry, you must be mindful of the total compensation based on the hours you’ll be able to work.

Many companies consider full-time 32 hours rather than 40, so be careful when analyzing hourly salary rather than weekly, monthly or yearly. During the interview process, make a point to ask the number of hours you’ll be working weekly.

Average and Starting Salaries

Before the pandemic, starting salaries for pharmacy assistant roles were roughly minimum wage. However, you’re in luck if you’ve chosen this field now! The starting salaries have risen with current demand. Now, expect to start around $18 per hour.starting pharmacy assistant salary

Nationwide, the average pharmacy assistant makes $42,979 per year. With demand on the rise, we may expect further increases in starting and average salaries for this role. For example, in Alberta, pharmacy assistants are expected to have above-average job growth of over 3%.

Pharmacy Assistant Benefits

Now that we’ve discussed salaries, it’s time to go over benefits! Comparing benefits offered across multiple job opportunities is vital to ensure you’re going for the best option. They can be just as important when job searching as salary.

Typically, full-time pharmacy assistants receive health and dental benefits. If you’re working at a large chain retailer, you may receive 10% off groceries. At a smaller pharmacy, they may offer an even higher discount, such as the ability to purchase everything at cost + 5% markup. Specialty pharmacies typically pay higher wages and offer paid half-hour or hour-long lunch breaks. Some pharmacies may offer RRSP matching.

So, are you ready to jump into this career path? This is an excellent field with competitive average and starting salaries, good benefits, and high demand. Now’s the time to start your pharmacy assistant journey!


The Last Pharmacy Assistant Career Guide You’ll Ever Need