The Last Pharmacy Assistant Course Guide You’ll Ever Need

Value of Pharmacy Assistant Courses in Canada

Are you considering enrolling in a pharmacy assistant course but unsure if it will help? We have insight for you! Below, we’ll explore how pharmacy assistant programs affect the hiring process, the value of pharmacy assistant programs, and the challenges to consider before taking one.

Pharmacy Assistant Hiring Process

You may wonder if completing a pharmacy assistant course is necessary to snag that job. In short, the answer is no. Many candidates without any pharmacy experience or education successfully get hired.

Many employers will hire you without experience or education and provide on-the-job training. For example, our company employs university students to work one shift per week without pharmacy experience. When you lack experience, getting hired for a part-time pharmacy assistant gig is your best bet.

Benefits of Taking a Pharmacy Assistant Course

Start a Pharmacy Assistant Career

Getting a certificate will be helpful if you’re specifically looking to start a long-term career in the pharmacy assistant field. Pharmacy assistant positions are in high demand. Many pharmacies have also become vaccination centers, keeping them busy.

Stand Out Among Candidates

Another great benefit of completing a pharmacy assistant program is that you’ll have a leg up on other candidates. Picture yourself in the shoes of the pharmacist. Would you prefer to hire someone with no pharmaceutical education or experience on their resume or someone fresh out of a local college’s pharmacy assistant certification program? Of course, you’d choose the more prepared candidate!

It would be difficult to get hired over your competition without the advantage of such a program. Sending out a resume without relevant education or experience will not likely land you this job. Do something to stand out! That “something” is having a pharmacy assistant certification.

Structured Learning Environment

When you embark on a pharmacy assistant program journey, you’re in for an educational treat. These programs provide controlled learning environments that adequately prepare you for the field. Jumping into a pharmacy assistant role can be pretty daunting and chaotic, but completing a program ensures that you’ve covered the bases of knowledge required for the position. You won’t be going in blind with one of these under your belt!

Several months may be necessary before you’re comfortable working in the pharmacy environment. However, with the help of a certification program, you’ll gain a wealth of practical knowledge and confidently walk into your new role.

Networking Opportunities

Starting a pharmacy assistant course doesn’t just guarantee you a foundational education. It also opens doors to networking opportunities in your new field. Thought you’d study alone? We’re happy to tell you that won’t be the case!

Pharmacy assistant programs are offered by community colleges, providing you with a vibrant support network. Your peers will be valuable assets as you excel in your program and, eventually, your professional work. Gaining practical feedback and real-life insight into the pharmacy assistant role is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the benefits you’ll gain from networking in your program.

These courses generally have partnerships with pharmacies. So, when you pay for the class, you’re not just paying for the education. You’re getting real-world job opportunities through these pharmacy partnerships. Stay focused, do your best, take advantage of these open doors, and you’ll surely land a pharmacy assistant role.

Challenges of Taking a Pharmacy Assistant Course

Before diving in headfirst, take time to learn about the potential challenges of this approach. Committing to a pharmacy assistant program isn’t for the faint of heart.

There’s a considerable time commitment involved; many programs are about one year long. Also, these programs aren’t free! Be prepared to spend thousands on tuition, depending on your chosen community college.

Pharmacy technicians, unlike pharmacy assistants, must be licensed, and these licensing programs are regulated. Since pharmacy assistant programs are unregulated, take caution when deciding on the right program for you.


The Last Pharmacy Assistant Career Guide You’ll Ever Need